The Montana Radio Company is 100% Montana owned and serves Helena and surrounding communities with nine compelling radio station across all genres and demographics.


Radio Solutions

The Montana Radio Company has 9 different radio stations that provide entertainment, news and sports to over 65,000 people in and around the Capital City.

Our local ownership and operation ensures that our local announcers are engaged with the community. TMRC donates over $100,000 in advertising each year to local non-profit organizations.

Our award-winning copywriters craft marketing messages that will bring your business measured results.

Targeted Display

Reaching your defined target audience online by collecting past internet usage data, search engine queries, and site visits to hone in on who we are serving your digital marketing. From static display ads, in banner video, to rich media and other high impact placements we have your display needs covered. Examples:

Job Title

Video Solutions

With Salem Solutions, YouTube, and other video networks we can deliver pre-roll, overlay, Mid-roll and post-roll videos from: 15 – :60 in length. We can target based on keywords, channel and behaviors along with geographic areas. Video marketing has emotional impact and is one of the fastest growing mediums in digital.

Mobile Strategy

From a hyper-local solution which allows you to target down to a 2-mile radius or even a specific address, to a nationwide mobile campaign, we have the access to most mobile apps and wap pages. This also includes tablet inventory so you can have access to your audience on multiple devices. Our mobile targeting capabilities range from geo fencing to category and behavioral in order to fit our client’s needs. Examples:

Geo-fenced retargeting
Rich media
Advanced audience

Search Strategy

A successful search engine strategy begins with optimization to ensure high visibility in organic search results. This includes on-site and off-site SEO. Search Engine Marketing or “pay per click” includes runs across all search engines and provides daily bid management, budget management, keyword analysis and more to drive leads to your site. A search strategy is crucial in order to reach customers who are actively looking for your products or services.

IP Targeting

IP Targeting takes offline data historically used for marketing such as direct mail and reaches that audience on their digital devices. We match IP address to a list of physical addresses and deliver your ads to any device connected to that web entry point. We can target businesses, homes, entire neighborhoods, and we can even target a mirror of your customer base.

Social Media

Our social media capabilities allows for reach across social channel and device to include Facebook and Instagram. We can target based on behavior, likes, promoted posts, location, general interests, and retargeting. We can design a Facebook, LinkedIN, or other social media page from scratch for your business, as well as create the ads and copy for a campaign.

Email Marketing

Double opt in, responsive database of over 150 million consumers and 30 million business listings. Targeted data segments include:

Personal Interest
Purchase Interest
Financial Information

…and more. Custom creative design done in house at no extra cost to the customer.

Web Dev

Responsive design
Mobile site
Microsite/landing page
Site redesign
Customized quotes

Native Advertising

Native advertising is sponsored content that looks and feels like an article. While these are clearly marked as sponsored they look and act the same as other articles in the homepage content feed.

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